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Impact Windows: Durable and Energy-Efficient?

Windows play an important role in every homeowner’s property. They provide natural lighting, ventilation and aesthetics in one’s household. Making sure they are durable and long-lasting is important in leading a comfortable lifestyle, and impact windows provide all the benefits of a normal window in an extra tough package. Designed for homes that are commonly battered by strong winds and meteorological phenomena, these windows are essential in areas that are frequented by hurricanes and other extreme weather systems that can endanger you and your family. Aside from durability and extra security from the elements, is energy-efficiency one of the other benefits of having impact windows installed in your home? Experts from Prestige Windows & Doors are here to help you learn.

Impact Windows: Durable and Energy-Efficient?

Impact Windows and Glass

Impact windows are built to be tougher and more resistant to external elements. To start, the glass used in an impact window is called ‘laminated glass’. It starts with a layer of durable plastic called Polyvinyl butyral or PVB that is put between two pieces of tempered glass and is then fused in a process called lamination (which involves the use of heat and pressure to meld all the pieces together). This creates a piece of glass that is more durable and resistant to impacts. To make it easier to imagine, think of a sandwich, where the PVB is the cheese, and the glass is the two pieces of bread, and you put them into a waffle maker to get laminated.

This laminated glass, like all impact windows and doors, is designed to weather against strong external forces like wind and hail. Because of how they are made, when the outer panel of glass breaks, instead of leaving the window completely exposed and having bits and pieces fly dangerously into your home, the shards of glass break safely and stick onto the PVB while the other panel of glass retains the integrity of the window along with the reinforced aluminum frame. Stronger glass is created with either more layers or with even more durable materials.

 Energy-Efficiency Effects

Because of how they are made, impact windows can retain more heat or cold air inside and reject external factors like wind, rain, sunlight, and snow in a more efficient manner than most windows. Due to the thickness of the glass and how durable the frame is compared to most (as most frames get worn down easily, especially those made purely with wood), more heat is retained in rooms during winter, and can reflect more incoming heat during summer. Impact windows have the highest energy performance ratings compared to their contemporaries and are definitely a solid choice for most types of climates.

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