Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic With Impact French Doors

Hurricane-Resistant Patio Doors for Protection & Beauty

French DoorsFrench doors are the classic patio doors. They have graced homes for centuries and still evoke an Old World nostalgia. French patio doors allow in a lot of natural light while being extremely functional, but their main claim to fame is aesthetic value. French doors typically have glass panes that make up most of the door.

These doors can swing either outward or inward, and therefore require space to open and close. This means that they do not work for every home. If you’re unsure whether you have the space for a French door, the professionals at Prestige Windows & Doors can take measurements and provide you with advice during an initial free consultation.

Why Invest in Impact French Patio Doors

Impact French doors are some of the most attractive patio doors that you can get for your home, but there’s more to these doors than simply aesthetics.

  • Hurricane impact French doors protect your home from the elements and from intruders.
  • French patio doors can be extremely secure, especially if you choose to add security options to them.
  • Since these doors open wide, it’s easier for people to navigate in and out of your home. Plus, if you need to move large pieces of furniture, French doors are ideal.
  • French doors provide additional ventilation since they can be opened to allow more fresh air into your rooms.
  • French doors have been known to increase the overall value of homes with their beauty and functionality.

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