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Your patio doors are just as important as other exterior doors since they provide access to outdoor living spaces. This means that they have to be tough and durable, as well as contribute to the thermal enclosure which keeps your home comfortable year-round.

While you have many options for impact patio doors, bifold patio doors are an excellent addition to most homes. Also known as folding sliding doors, these doors have increased in popularity in recent years. A major advantage of this type of door is that you can create a whole wall of glass, optimizing both views and daylight. Another reason why so many homeowners like these doors is that they can help to blur the line between the interior and the exterior.

The Importance of Good Installation

While your new doors might be beautiful, if they’re not installed correctly, you might as well be throwing away your money. If the doors aren’t level, they may open or close on their own. Your door should also be easy to operate. If patio doors are difficult to open and close, this becomes a safety and security issue. Plus, air leakage can cause utility bills to rise over time by increasing the need for heating and cooling.

Don’t let poor installation cause your impact doors to work improperly. Trust your project to the expert impact door installers at Prestige Windows & Doors. We believe in zero-defect workmanship and world-class customer service.

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