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Things to Look for in a Reliable Window Contractor

Replacement windows are worthwhile investments that can increase the curb appeal, security and energy efficiency of your home or business. To enjoy their numerous benefits, however, you must take the time to find the right contractor that can install them correctly. It will help determine the quality and timeliness of the work, not to mention …

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Impact Windows: Durable and Energy-Efficient?

Windows play an important role in every homeowner’s property. They provide natural lighting, ventilation and aesthetics in one’s household. Making sure they are durable and long-lasting is important in leading a comfortable lifestyle, and impact windows provide all the benefits of a normal window in an extra tough package. Designed for homes that are commonly battered by …

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How Long Do Impact Windows Last?

Even though impact windows are a great investment, some homeowners may still be skeptical about their longevity. If you’d ask a commercial storefront doors and windows company or manufacturer, they’ll tell you there’s nothing to worry about. How long do impact windows really last? We’ll talk you through it here.

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The Top Misconceptions About Impact Windows

Living in a hurricane-prone area requires homeowners to take preventive measures to ensure they are safe along with their properties. This includes purchasing coastal windows and doors or impact-resistant windows. These are designed to protect your home from a hurricane or tropical storm. While the effectiveness of this material has been proven, today we share three myths about …