How Can the Right Windows Improve Home Ventilation?

New windows and doors will elevate the look of your home from the inside out. Aside from added appeal, they can also increase your ventilation. When there is sufficient airflow in your home, your indoor air quality will improve, and you will also save on your monthly utility costs.

Right Windows Improve Home Ventilation

Continue reading to learn how the right windows can improve your home’s ventilation.

Passive Ventilation Through Windows

With passive ventilation, fresh outdoor air enters your home through vents, windows, doors and other openings. The effectiveness of this method depends on the size and location of the said openings. You want to place operable windows on the upper levels of your home as they will allow stale, warm air to escape. Opening these windows is especially helpful during the warmer months. During winter, well-designed passive ventilation can also help you maintain good indoor air quality without creating drafts.

At Prestige Windows & Doors, we’re here to help you choose the right windows to improve your home’s ventilation. You can also count on us for quality storefront windows  for your business. Moreover, if you have a well-designed passive ventilation system in your home, all you need to do is open and close your windows to adjust your home’s temperature and improve indoor air quality.

Which Window Styles Should You Consider?

To improve your home’s ventilation, consider window styles that can be opened and closed, such as casement, double-hung and sliding. You can get the most ventilation from casement windows as they have a sash that opens completely. With double-hung windows, you can leave the panels ajar to let cool, fresh air enter and warm indoor air escape. Moreover, with sliding windows, you can enjoy more ventilation and uninterrupted outdoor views.

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