Window Replacement: All at Once or a Few at a Time?

There are many benefits to getting all the windows in your home or storefront replaced at the same time, but what if you only need to replace one or two? Perhaps one of your otherwise perfectly fine windows got damaged or perhaps your budget wouldn’t work with a full-home window replacement. In today’s post, your local provider of windows and doors, Prestige Windows & Doors, shares a look at individual window replacement, and why it’s worth considering. 


Can Windows Be Replaced a Few at a Time?


If you choose to, you can have a few or even just a single window replaced. A typical window installation involves removing and replacing one window at a time, which makes it possible to install windows during any season. This process lets window installers isolate a room and keep air leaks to a minimum. More importantly, it makes the number of windows less of a problem — the same number of installers can finish a window replacement project regardless of the size of the house. For the house’s occupants, this means they don’t have to vacate the house or turn off the HVAC system during window installation.


Things to Consider


Replacing the curb-facing or storefront windows, as opposed to replacing all of the windows in the building can be a cost-effective solution if you only need to address window problems in specific areas. Before you commit to such a project, there are a few things you need to consider:


• You might not get the best savings — You get the most energy savings from energy-efficient windows if most or all of your windows are the same. You might not get the most savings if you’re replacing them a few at a time.


• Labor costs can add up — The cost of replacing your windows across multiple installations can add up and make the overall cost higher. The cost of downtime and lost revenue may also add up.


• Windows consistency — You’ll want to work with the same replacement window company to maintain a consistent look, otherwise you could end up with a patchwork of windows with varying types of glass, frame profiles and performance.


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