Window Installation: Window Company vs. General Contractor

You’re planning to get a window replaced, but who should you hire? A window company or a general contractor? You know that both can deal with the installation, but you want to get the best benefits for your money. You’re also mindful of the possible problems that can be encountered with the removal of your old window, like physical damage on the old portions of your windowsill and the surrounding areas. Who should you hire to get the best window installation experience and results? Prestige Windows and Doors are here to help! 

Consider Age and Materials


Since you’re planning to have your window replaced, knowing more about its history and the materials surrounding its frame is essential. Take into account how old the building materials around the frame are, as window installations usually involve completely replacing every part of the window (called full-frame replacements or tear-outs), including the area the frame is attached to.


If your home is quite old and built with weathered bricks and other non-contemporary materials, it might be best to consult a general contractor as these materials are quite sensitive and can cause some problems during installation.


But if your home is relatively new or built with modern building materials, getting a window company that offers residential installation services or deals with commercial storefront doors and windows is the best course of action, and remember to choose a reputable company to have the best warranties and installation experience.


The Best of Both Sides


To sum up, both options are good choices, but specific situations can make for better courses of action. If you have a traditional home with aged building materials, getting a general contractor is better as they can deal with the more sensitive issues regarding the durability of the materials surrounding the frame.


But if the window you’re going to use as a replacement with the old one has roughly the same size and dimensions, and there are not many problems in the way of the tear-out, then getting an experienced window installation team is best. And if you’re getting energy-efficient windows, window installation teams are much better, as they specialize in installing these kinds of windows that require a specific process to maximize efficiency, and simply because they have more experience with windows in general.

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