What To Consider When Selecting Windows For Aging-in-Place

Aging-in-place is a design concept where you make long-term plans for your home so that you are able to live in it comfortably, safely and independently. Its goal is to remodel your current home so that it can accommodate you as you get older. As more and more people decide to stay in their own homes rather than living in assisted living communities, aging-in-place design is becoming increasingly popular. In today’s post, storefront windows and doors specialists Prestige Windows & Doors shares a few considerations when selecting windows that you can grow old with.

Easy Operation

As we get older, mobility issues can become a concern. For this reason, it is important to select windows that are easy to operate. Sliding windows that open easily using rails or casement windows that open by turning a crank are ideal for people with difficulty in fine motor skills. 

Easy Maintenance

If budget isn’t an issue, getting windows with fiberglass frames are a great option. They are incredibly durable and require virtually no maintenance. A fiberglass frame fitted with self-cleaning glass is ideal as most seniors will probably have a hard time keeping a regular cleaning routine. Impact windows are also a good choice so that you do not need to make any storm preparations when a hurricane or snowstorm occurs. 


This is also something that you should think about if you are considering aging-in-place. Installing glass with a textured pattern is ideal since it balances privacy with natural lighting. If you want a more high-tech option, there are now smart windows available in the market which can be easily dimmed with the push of a button. 

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