Films that are applied to existing glass are not approved as an impact window or door. They may be approved and actually hold valid Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance (Product Approval) as a plastic component. This simply means that the film material is flame retardant. Window films serve the same level of impact protection as installing impact glass into a non-impact window, except that the film may scratch. While the film may hold the glass shards together, the glass with the film will fall out of the window frame. Sometimes film dealers offer to overlap the film on to the window frame and claim that this resolves this problem.

This window treatment is not approved for impact resistance by Miami-Dade County. Refer to the question in this section that reads “Can I replace the existing glass on my windows and doors with impact glass and get the same level of protection? ”Reflective window films may be very good at reflecting the sun and making the home more comfortable. This is the same benefit that can be achieved with a coated glass product. Hurricane film on a window is not the same as impact windows and doors.