The Truth About the Sears House Myth

Georgia, particularly Savannah, is replete with curious tales and urban legends. One is the Sears mishap house at 32 Habersham Street. The house’s windows are said to be installed upside down.

Prestige Windows and Doors, your local supplier of impact windows, examines this myth in today’s post.

The Sears Catalog Home

The so-called Sears Catalog Home is a peach-colored house with green-shuttered windows. Guests and tourists note that their peculiar windows make the house look as if it was upside down. The urban legend goes on to say that this “mishap” was the result of cost-cutting when either the homeowner or the window installer purchased the windows from a Sears catalog and installed them the wrong way.

The owners of the house say that no part of the house has been bought from Sears. They are, however, aware of the house’s reputation that they’ve hung signs saying that the windows are not upside down. The style is chosen because the top part of the windows opens to vent hot air from the interior. This, notes your provider of impact windows and doors, may reduce damage due to improper ventilation.

Proper Window Installation

Even with Snopes and the local signs stating the contrary, people tend to believe that the myth is somehow true. Fortunately, Prestige Windows and Doors gives you the assurance that we will make no such mistakes. All our installers are trained and skilled, preventing them from making such errors. That said, we can make an “upside down” window for you.

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