The Best Time to Get Impact Windows

Installing impact windows and doors in your home is a smart investment. They serve as an asset, protecting your home from harsh weather events or intruders. So when is the best time to get impact windows and doors? If you’re unsure of the right time to have your impact windows installed, Prestige Windows & Doors is here to answer that question. 

Before Rainy Season

Window installation, whether it involves normal energy-efficient windows or impact windows, should not be installed during rainy or hurricane season. The moisture from the rain and the wind can cause warping to wooden frames. Windows are also more susceptible to damage if it’s installed on wet and moist surfaces. Also, the filers, adhesives and caulking can be compromised when it’s raining. Prestige Windows & Doors can complete an installation in any type of weather but try not to make appointments with your trusted contractor for any kind of replacement and installation if it’s during the rainy season.

Before It Is Too Late

Now that you realize that your home needs impact windows, the best time to install them is now. Given that the weather is not challenging and you have the budget and a trusted local contractor to help you. Some homeowners wait and put off getting impact windows, only to regret after a hurricane passes.

Therefore, demand spikes during hurricane season causing supply to fluctuate and potentially affect the prices. While each season has its limitations when it comes to installation, getting impact windows is never a bad idea. It serves as an additional barrier of protection to your home. It also increases your home’s property value. 

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