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Welcome to Miami Lakes, where the sun shines brightly, and the weather challenges the strongest of homes. That’s why at Prestige Windows & Doors, we are committed to safeguarding your residence with our industry-leading impact windows and doors, specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of South Florida’s climate.

Elevate your Miami Lakes property with unmatched safety and energy efficiency, thanks to Prestige Windows & Doors. Our industry-leading impact windows are meticulously engineered for Miami Lakes’ unique climate. Tailored to withstand the severe weather patterns of South Florida, these windows do more than just protect: they become an energy-saving asset, minimizing drafts, blocking damaging UV rays, and ensuring a consistent indoor climate. The result? A significant drop in your utility bills and an increase in your home’s value.

But why stop at windows? Secure your Miami Lakes home even further with our top-tier impact doors. Infused with the strength of high-quality, impact-resistant materials, our doors not only stand firm against wild weather and potential intruders but also integrate cutting-edge energy efficiency. This blend of durability and design doesn’t just safeguard — it beautifies and saves money in the long run.

For a home that’s stylish, safe, and energy-efficient, make Prestige Windows & Doors your first choice in Miami Lakes, FL. Find out why we are the best window replacement company in Miami Lakes, FL!

Our Services

Prestige Windows & Doors takes pride in being the go-to impact window company in Miami Lakes, FL, offering a wide range of services, including window replacement, installation, and expert advice to enhance the beauty and safety of your space. At Prestige Windows & Doors, we’re not satisfied with just being good; we’re dedicated to being exceptional. Our team of skilled craftsmen takes pride in every window and door installation, replacement, and repair project we undertake. Impeccable workmanship isn’t just a phrase; it’s a way of life for us!

Protect Your Miami Lakes Home with Our Advanced Impact Windows | The Best Windows Contractor Near Me

Elevate your Miami Lakes home’s defense and energy efficiency with our unparalleled impact windows. Built to withstand the region’s most severe weather conditions, these windows not only offer unmatched protection but also contribute to significant savings on your utility bills. By minimizing drafts and leaks and blocking harmful UV rays, our energy-efficient windows maintain your home’s optimal temperature all year round. Investing in Prestige Windows & Doors means investing in the tranquility, sustainability, and value of your Miami Lakes, FL, property. We are one of the best local window companies for high-end impact windows & doors, ensuring safety, style, and energy efficiency.

Casement Windows

Ultimate Casement Narrow Frame Windows

Searching for the best “window replacement services near me”? Casement windows are a popular choice due to their easy operation and versatility, swinging inward or outward on a single hinge. They’re especially useful in tricky spots like above sinks or high bathroom placements. However, these windows need sufficient space to open and close, so they’re not ideal for crowded areas. For those considering impact casement windows and as one of the best local window companies, we offer expert guidance to determine the best fit for your home, with trained professionals available for consultations.

Single Hung

Standard Single-Hung Window

Seeking the best window replacement company? Impact single-hung windows feature a single operating sash for easy ventilation, and their inward operation allows for flexible installation, suitable for various locations, including pathways. These windows offer style options such as muntins for aesthetics or unobstructed views. At Prestige Windows & Doors, our team of window and door specialists is committed to assisting you in selecting windows that enhance both your home’s protection and visual appeal.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

If you’re looking for top-notch “window replacement services near me,” impact sliding windows are a popular choice due to their easy operation compared to crank windows. These windows have a horizontal sliding mechanism that allows the sash to move left or right, making them ideal for spaces near walkways, patios, and driveways as they don’t require extra swinging space. The options include single slider (one sash opens) and double slider (both sashes open) for enhanced ventilation. These windows are commonly used in contemporary homes and are suitable for egress purposes.

Picture Windows

We are the best window replacement company, with services including window and door installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. We are one of the best local window companies for high-end impact windows & doors, ensuring safety, style, and energy efficiency. Picture windows offer abundant natural light and outdoor views while being highly energy-efficient. However, their advantages can be fully realized through proper installation.

Awning Windows

Impact awning windows share similarities with impact casement windows as they both utilize a crank mechanism for opening and closing. However, their distinction lies in the placement of the hinge: casement windows are hinged on the sides, whereas awning windows feature a top hinge, allowing them to open outward from the bottom.

Fortify Your Miami Lakes Residence with Our State-of-the-Art Impact Door Installation | The Best Door Installation Company Near Me

In Miami Lakes, FL, the need for security extends beyond weather protection. Our high-quality, impact-resistant doors provide the shield that homes in the area require against both extreme weather and potential intruders. Crafted with innovative energy-saving technologies, our doors not only enhance your home’s safety but also contribute to lower utility costs and augment the value of your property. Embrace the unique fusion of elegance, security, and savings with Prestige Windows & Doors — your trusted partner in Miami Lakes, FL.

Impact-Resistant Luxury French Entry Doors

If you’re looking for a reliable “door company near me” in Miami Lakes, FL, that ensures a clean and controlled work environment, our professionals will strategically lay down drop cloths, we provide domestically manufactured entry doors from CGI, PGT, Jeld-Wen, and ThermaTru, renowned for their durability against weather and some featuring intricate glass patterns and advanced security attributes. Regardless of your selection, each door option will elevate your home’s exterior aesthetics and provide substantial value.

Impact-Resistant Bifold Patio Doors

Impact Resistant Patio Door in Miami-Dade

Among the various choices for impact patio doors, bifold patio doors stand out as a valuable addition to many homes. Also referred to as folding sliding doors, their popularity has surged in recent times. One of their primary benefits is the ability to craft an expansive glass wall, enhancing panoramic views and natural light. These doors also excel in seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces, making them a favored option among homeowners. Need dependable door installation companies? Look no further – we’re here to provide top-notch door installation services near me in Miami Lakes, FL.

Impact-Resistant Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Impact Resistant Sliding Patio Doors in Broward

Sliding glass patio doors excel at optimizing both sunlight and outdoor views, making them an ideal choice for capturing picturesque landscapes or creating a sense of spaciousness in compact rooms. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your door installations. Our team stands out among door installation companies with our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Impact-Resistant French Patio Doors

French Door Impact in West Palm Beach

Looking for the best door company near me? French patio doors, the timeless patio door option, have adorned homes for generations, evoking a sense of Old World charm. While they effectively admit abundant natural light and offer practicality, their primary distinction lies in their aesthetic appeal. Characterized by their extensive glass pane composition, French patio doors infuse homes with nostalgic elegance and a touch of historic allure. Enhance your home’s security and aesthetics with the help of our skilled professionals, setting us apart from other door installation companies in the area.

Impact-Resistant Garage Doors

Elevate your garage’s security and style with our premium selection of impact-resistant garage doors. Crafted to withstand the rigors of extreme weather and potential impacts, these doors provide an exceptional shield against storms, debris, and intrusions. Combining durability with contemporary designs, our impact-resistant garage doors not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also offer peace of mind knowing that your valuable possessions and living space are well-protected. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our cutting-edge solutions for safeguarding your garage.

Installation and Permitting

Unlike other window replacement companies, we understand this is more than just an upgrade; it’s a substantial investment in your property’s safety, beauty, and value. 

Window Replacement with Professionals

At Prestige Windows & Doors, we take pride in offering expert window replacement services near me in Miami Lakes, FL, that elevate the safety and aesthetics of your property. Our window and door specialists are well-versed in the intricacies of high end windows & doors, ensuring a seamless installation process. With years of experience, we bring expertise that guarantees your high end windows & doors are not only stunning but also provide the utmost protection against the elements.

What to Expect During a Window Replacement Project

Embarking on a window replacement journey with us means you’re in the capable hands of our window and door specialists. Here’s how we handle your window installation process with care:


Our team arrives at your home to safeguard both indoor and outdoor valuables from potential breakage. To assist our installers, consider moving objects that you can manage on your own.

Keep Your Space Clean

We take measures to keep your space clean – our installers use drop cloths to minimize dust and debris from spreading to other areas.

Old Window Removal and Replacement

Our skilled installers efficiently remove your old windows and replace them with the new ones, ensuring a smooth transition.

Thorough Cleanup

After completing the installation, we ensure a thorough cleanup. We’ll guide you through operating your new windows and confirm there are no concerns before we depart.


Remember, our distinction lies in offering a warranty on both our products and installation. Our installers strive for flawless workmanship and exceptional customer service. If you encounter any issues with our products or service, we’re committed to addressing and rectifying them promptly.

Lead-Safe Renovation

Health Risks of Lead

Lead-safe renovation is a vital service that addresses the presence of lead, a naturally occurring toxic metal found in the Earth’s crust. Its extensive historical use has resulted in widespread environmental contamination and human exposure, creating significant health concerns worldwide. 

Lead’s adverse impacts are most profound on children, affecting their brain and nervous system growth. Adults face potential risks too, including hypertension and kidney damage, while pregnant women with elevated lead levels risk miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, and low birth weights.

Why Lead-Safe Service is Important

As a leading impact window company, and through our lead-safe renovation service, we employ meticulous procedures to ensure safety and health, aiming to mitigate these potential risks effectively. 

Why Choose Prestige Windows & Doors in Miami Lakes, FL | Trusted Home Window & Doors Near Me

Cutting-edge Products

We specialize in high-end impact windows & doors that seamlessly blend style and security. Your home deserves nothing but the best, and that’s what we’re here to deliver. As the best window company near me in Miami Lakes, Prestige Windows & Doors is your trusted source for high end windows & doors that combine style, security, and innovation. Unlike other window replacement companies, we’re not just a window and door replacement company; we’re your partners in creating a living space that embodies luxury, functionality, and lasting beauty. 

Trusted Impact Window Company Near Me in Miami Lakes, FL

Got a window that’s acting up? Our team specializes in hassle-free services of home window repair near me in Miami Lakes, FL. Hurricanes may come and go, but our commitment to remaining at the forefront of hurricane-impact window and door innovation remains unwavering. We’re not just suppliers; we’re your neighbors, and we’re dedicated to keeping our community safe and stylish. When searching for a “dependable window and door company near me” in Miami Lakes, Prestige Windows & Doors is your solution for top-quality door installation, ensuring both style and safety are seamlessly integrated into your space. Elevate your home’s comfort and aesthetics with the expertise of our dedicated professionals, setting us apart from other window contractor near me choices in the vicinity.

Residential and Commercial Excellence

Whether it’s your home sanctuary or your business hub, we cater to your every window and door need. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial projects, making us the top-tier supplier for a wide range of spaces in Miami Lake, FL. From cozy residences to bustling commercial establishments, we’ve got you covered.  Seeking a trustworthy window installation service near me? Your search ends here – we’re your local experts committed to enhancing your home’s windows. Our team stands out among best window company options, dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions. On the lookout for  reliable door replacement companies near me? You’ve found us – your local experts dedicated to upgrading your home’s entryways.

Dependable Door Contractors

When you’re seeking “reliable door contractors near me”, look no further than Prestige Windows & Doors. Our expert team is ready to provide exceptional service, whether you’re in need of “door replacement companies near me” or “top-tier door installation services near me” in Miami Lakes, FL. We understand the importance of a seamless and secure entrance to your space, and our commitment to excellence shines through every step of the process.

Unmatched Reputation for Integrity

Professionalism, integrity, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence – these values have shaped our journey and earned us a reputation that speaks volumes. When you choose Prestige Windows & Doors, you’re choosing a legacy of trust, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to your satisfaction. We are one of the best local window companies for high-end impact windows & doors, ensuring safety, style, and energy efficiency. Say goodbye to window worries with our skilled window contractor near me in Miami Lakes, FL, ready to handle everything from installations to repairs.

Our Protocol | The Best Door Contractors Near Me

At Prestige Windows & Doors, our dedication to your safety and satisfaction shines through in every aspect of our service, including renovations involving high-end impact windows & doors. As a reputable window installation service near me and door replacement companies near me, we prioritize your well-being by adhering to stringent protocols:

Comprehensive Assessment

Our skilled experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your space, meticulously identifying potential hazards like lead-based paint. This empowers us to tailor our approach for minimal disruption and utmost safety. Skip the stress and trust our skilled team among window installation service near me options to ensure your new windows are perfectly placed.

Protective Measures

With a commitment to excellence as a window contractor near me, we implement meticulous containment strategies to prevent the spread of dust and debris. Our technicians skillfully set up barriers and protective measures, safeguarding your surroundings from potential contaminants. Skip the hassle and trust our experienced team among window installation companies to ensure your new windows are flawlessly fitted.

Lead-Free Handling and Disposal

When dealing with lead-based paint, we employ safe removal techniques to minimize risks. Our experienced team ensures that all removed materials adhere to strict guidelines for proper handling and disposal.

Advanced Cleaning

Our pledge to your safety extends to thorough cleaning procedures. Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, we meticulously remove any generated dust or residue, leaving your space impeccably clean and free from potential hazards.

Encouraging Healthy Living Environment

As one of the top window installation companies near me, we believe in equipping you with knowledge. Our experts offer insights into lead-safe practices and guide you on maintaining a healthy living environment after the renovation process.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

If you have inquiries about high-end impact windows & doors and home window repair near me, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page or the form provided on this page.

1. What Are Hurricane Impact Doors?

Hurricane impact doors are specifically designed to withstand the force of hurricanes and severe weather conditions. These doors feature reinforced construction and impact-resistant glass to provide enhanced protection against strong winds, debris, and potential damage, making them a crucial choice for homes in hurricane-prone areas. Say goodbye to door-related hassles with our experienced team among door contractors near me, ready to handle everything from installations to repairs.

2. How Much Are Impact Sliding Doors?

The cost of impact sliding doors can vary based on factors such as size, brand, design, and additional features. At Prestige Windows & Doors, we offer a range of impact sliding doors to suit different budgets. To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific needs, we recommend reaching out to our experts for a personalized consultation.

3. How To Install Lock on Impact Doors?

Installing locks on impact doors is a key aspect of ensuring security. Our team of skilled professionals at Prestige Windows & Doors specializes in installing impact doors with the necessary locking mechanisms. During our installation process, we ensure that the locks are securely and correctly placed to provide optimal protection for your property.

4. What Are Impact Windows?

You don’t have to live with faulty windows – our team is just a call away to bring back the functionality and charm with our dedicated solutions if you’re looking for home window repair near me in Miami Lakes, FL. Impact windows, also known as hurricane windows or storm windows, are windows designed to resist the impact of flying debris and extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and strong storms. They are constructed with laminated or tempered glass and durable frames to enhance your home’s safety and security while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

5. How Much Does Impact Windows Cost?

The cost of impact windows can vary based on factors like window size, style, design, and brand. For an accurate cost estimate tailored to your requirements, our professionals at Prestige Windows & Doors are here to assist you. We provide a range of options to accommodate different budgets while prioritizing quality and durability.

6. How to Tell if Impact Windows Are Resistant?

Cracked or foggy glass? Our specialists excel at efficient home glass window repair, bringing clarity back to your views. Determining the impact resistance of windows involves considering factors such as the type of glass used and the window’s overall construction. Impact windows are typically labeled with certifications like ASTM or Miami-Dade County approvals, indicating their level of resistance to high winds and debris impact. At Prestige Windows & Doors, we offer impact windows that meet or exceed these industry standards, ensuring your peace of mind during severe weather events.

7. Why Are Impact Windows and Doors Necessary?

For regions susceptible to wind damage, like Miami Lake, FL,  home glass window repair specifically, impact windows and doors are essential. They provide protection, enhance security, and come with industry-leading warranties. Worried about security due to a broken window? Our dedicated team is ready to provide prompt home glass window repair, ensuring your peace of mind.

8. What Makes Our Products Distinctive?

As the leading window and door replacement company, and among the array of window installation companies, our impact windows and doors stand out due to their strength, installation versatility, height options, quality hinges, lock mechanisms, and performance ratings.Your quest for the top-notch window and door company in your proximity concludes right here in Miami Lakes, FL.

9. What is Prestige Windows & Doors’ Differentiator?

If you’re looking for the “best window company near me” or a “reliable door company near me” in Miami Lakes, FL, know that our uniqueness lies in unparalleled performance, aesthetics, and quality standards. With over 20 years of consistent quality, we prioritize safeguarding families. Request an appointment with us today!

Prestige Windows & Doors: Your Trusted Partner in Elegance and Security!     

Discover unparalleled window and door installation services near you that cater to your unique needs with Prestige Windows & Doors. Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring precision from consultation to completion. As your dedicated source for premium high-end impact windows & doors, we transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and security in your space. 

We’re not just a window and door replacement company; we’re your transformational partner. With unwavering commitment to excellence, we seamlessly upgrade homes with window replacement services near me and prioritize comfort and safety through premium door installations. Embark on a journey that exceeds expectations with Prestige Windows & Doors. We are steadfast in minimizing lead exposure risks during renovations or high end impact windows & doors.

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