Preparing Your Home for a Window Replacement

Planning a window replacement? There are few things you can do to help the installation of your windows and doors go a lot smoother.

Here’s how you can prepare your home for a window replacement job:

Get Rid of Bush Branches and Indoor Furniture Near the Windows 

Clear the area near your windows to free up space. Trim overgrown bushes near the windows and move furniture to a place where they won’t be able to interfere with the window installation process. Don’t forget to remove blinds and other window treatments as well.

Clean Your Windows 

This is to prevent dust and pollen from being mixed into the new window caulking.

Have Your Pets Stay at a Friend’s Place 

Construction noise can be stressful for pets, which is why it’s best to have a friend look after them for a while.

Store Your Valuables in a Safe Area 

Expect a lot of shaking in your walls during the window replacement project. To prevent your valuables from being damaged, remove all of the picture frames hanging on the wall or any valuables near the walls and place them in a safe area.

What about your furniture? It’s standard practice for contractors to cover furniture with a plastic sheet to protect them from dust and construction debris while they’re installing your new residential or storefront windows.

Vet Contractors 

Don’t forget to vet window contractors before hiring them. The vetting process might seem like a waste of time, but it’ll help ensure your windows are installed properly. Here’s a vetting tip: The number of years a contractor has been working in the industry should give you a good idea of their level of expertise.

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