Myths Debunked: 3 Misconceptions About Aluminum Windows

Always do your research before buying a new window. Misconceptions about certain types of windows can prevent you from maximizing the returns on your investment. 

Aluminum is a commonly used material in window frames, but there are a lot of myths surrounding it. Prestige Windows and Doors, your go-to company in the state for commercial storefront doors and windows, debunks the most common misconceptions below. 

  1. Condensation Often Forms on the Surface of Aluminum Windows

No window is entirely immune to condensation—manufacturers can only lessen the risk through the window’s structural design. Plus, other environmental factors, like indoor humidity levels as well as the temperatures inside and outside, can increase the risk. 

Besides, condensation can’t immediately damage your windows. Rather, it’s a sign that the sealing on your window is damaged, although it sometimes is caused by excessive humidity. If you’re concerned about the energy-efficiency of your new windows, you might be interested to learn that modern aluminum window frames use the latest thermal break technology—manufacturers fill the hollow space inside frames with insulation. 

  1. Aluminum Windows Are Not Durable

Some homeowners aren’t convinced aluminum windows are durable enough due to their sleek, narrow frames. Something that thin and narrow can’t possibly support large heavy glass panels, right? Aluminum is more durable than other types of window materials, allowing manufacturers to make narrow frames that can hold the same amount of glass as a standard window. 

  1. With Aluminum Windows, You Have Few Customization Options

The sleek and minimalist appearance of aluminum windows make them a great addition to any home, regardless of its design. However, if you want a bit more design flexibility, aluminum windows come in a wide variety of color combinations. 

However, if you still have doubts about aluminum windows or any other part of your exterior, like your doors for example, consult a qualified contractor. 

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