How to Clean and Care for Your Impact Windows

Impact windows do more than just protect your home from severe weather. They also dampen outside noise, filter ultraviolet light and improve energy efficiency. Keeping them looking good as new requires only a small touch of periodic maintenance, particularly routine cleaning to get rid of dust, dirt, pollen and other airborne particles.

How to Clean and Care for Your Impact Windows

In this blog, your go-to source of impact windows and doors shares some valuable tips to keep in mind when cleaning and caring for your investment.

Use the Proper Cleaning Tools

Before you start cleaning your impact windows, see to it that you have all the required tools. For best results, you must have a bucket filled with a mixture of water and non-abrasive cleaning detergent, a squeegee, a water hose, a microfiber towel and a scraper.

Rinse Windows First

Using a garden hose, spray the impact windows to remove any loose dirt. Once done, you can apply the water-cleaning solution mixture. You’ll have to repeat the process multiple times to achieve a flawless look for your windows. Be sure the nozzle of your garden hose ejects low-water pressure; turning it to high can wear down the caulking around your windows.

Clean Windows on a Cloudy Day

Consider cleaning your impact windows on a cloudy day. Doing so under direct sunlight dries the water too quickly, creating water spots. Use a squeegee to remove any excess water from the first rinse before applying the cleaning detergent. Start at the top of the unit and swipe downwards, wiping the excess moisture from the squeegee using a microfiber cloth.

Set a Window Cleaning Schedule

Impact windows can be cleaned only once a year. You can take on this task following a severe storm, but seasonal changes won’t cause any wear and tear to your investment. Nevertheless, set a day dedicated to window maintenance. It’s a small sacrifice to ensure your windows’ long-term performance and efficiency.

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