How Impact Windows Improve Home Safety

Nothing is more important than your safety, especially during a severe weather event. According to experts, providing your home with the right features is critical to withstand extreme conditions and protect your home and family. 

In this post, a storefront windows and doors provider discusses the importance of impact windows and how they can add to your home security.

Understanding Impact Windows

Laminated glass technology has long been used in car windshields. This glass fabrication method involves sandwiching two pieces of glass together with a plastic interlayer in between. When the glass is impacted, the interlayer helps to keep the glass in place and hold it together.

This process has pushed the development of more impact-resistant windows to the forefront. However, the glass is not the only consideration. Thicker glass, a thicker interlayer or both are used in some home impact windows and doors. Others may even include polycarbonate as a reinforcement material.

The Benefits of Impact Windows

This type of window is designed to withstand the impact of debris flying at high speeds, making it nearly impossible to break the glass using conventional methods. That said, it’s safe to say that an impact window that can handle hurricane-force winds could help withstand a person wielding a baseball bat or a hammer.

Impact-resistant windows are manufactured similarly to your car’s windshield. Multiple glass layers are separated by a middle layer of plastic material that holds them in place in the event of an impact. Instead of breaking like a regular glass pane, an impact window will splinter but remain intact. 

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