How Can Impact Windows Reduce Insurance Costs?

If you are looking to save money on insurance, you might want to consider installing impact windows instead of the regular ones. And aside from the discount that you can get from using impact windows in your home, these powerful windows can also give you peace of mind during storm season.


Prestige Windows & Doors, a trusted provider of impact windows and doors, shares more information about the benefits of getting impact windows for your home.

Reducing Insurance Costs

Insurance companies are required through a state legislation in Florida to give homeowners discounts on their property insurance if they have installed features that could reduce damage or loss during a windstorm. Take note, though, that you need to install impact-resistant windows and doors on all openings of your home in order to qualify for this type of discount.

That said, you can expect to save around tens of thousands of dollars every year by installing impact windows. The actual sum may still depend on your area and your insurance provider, so it’s best to contact them regarding this matter. Take this opportunity to learn more about the specific requirements in your area too.

Long-Term Savings

When you contact your insurance company, they can give you more information about the savings that you can get from installing impact windows — apart from the discount on your insurance. For instance, impact windows can also help you lower your energy bills since these windows typically use laminated glass and specialized coatings to keep the heat out of your home. This allows your air conditioning to slow down a bit even during hot weather, thus reducing your energy consumption and cooling expenses.

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