Everything You Need to Know About Impact Windows

These days, property owners like yourself have a wide range of options when it comes to windows. According to experts, regardless of what kind of window you choose, chances are you’ll receive a strong one thanks to the modern procedures that most manufacturers follow. However, if you want extra strength, window experts recommend one kind of window: impact windows


Impact Windows: What Are They


As their name implies, impact windows are windows that combine heavy duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and silicone glazing to prevent the glass from breaking away from the frame. With the combination of such materials, any windborne debris can crack your glass but won’t cause it to shatter on impact, preventing destructive winds and rains from entering your home. This gives you a stronger window to protect your home while allowing you to do away with hurricane shutters and screens at the same time.




Impact windows come in a wide variety of design styles for your consideration. In fact, you’re still more than free to pick double-hung, sliding, casement or even picture windows without affecting its performance. For assistance in installing impact windows in your home or building, don’t hesitate to turn to Prestige Windows & Doors, the experts to turn to when it comes to installing storefront windows and doors.




According to experts, impact windows can still boast high-performing features like laminated insulating glass, heat-reducing tints and low-emissivity selections, allowing property owners to significantly reduce their monthly energy bills and protect the furnishings and draperies of the building from fading at the same time.


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