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Converting Your Window Opening Into A Patio Door

If you have recently extended your space indoors by building a new deck, converting your window into a patio door makes perfect sense. Since this project requires in-depth preparation with professionals, it’s best to work closely with them to make sure everything goes according to plan. In today’s post, your commercial storefront doors and windows installer will delve into things you need to know about turning a window into a patio door. 

Converting Your Window Opening Into A Patio Door

What to Expect

Your hired contractor will walk you through your window conversion process. First, they will get the exact measurements of your new door’s height and width and check if it can fit the siding opening. Then they will remove some of the siding material to accommodate your new patio doors, which wouldn’t have to be much of a hassle unless it’s made from pure concrete.

However, take note that while it is doable, there are still possible risks that you may encounter:

  • Decreased energy inefficiency

  • Interior moisture resulting in molds

  • Glass breakage

Moreover, storefront windows experts remind homeowners that in renovating situations, converting a window opening to accommodate a new door can be more expensive than inserting new windows in the slot.

Things to Remember

  • Projects like this require careful planning and consideration. While it’s necessary to secure a permit for your conversion, ensure that you’re working with an experienced and licensed contractor. This allows you to guarantee a successful outcome as well.

  • Refraining from the inspections needed to determine if your home improvement project can be safely carried out can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Consider the type of material you need to buy and remember to pay for any electrical wiring work that may be affected.

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