4 Simple Ways to Spring-Clean Your Windows

Your windows work to keep your home lovely, comfortable, and efficient, but they’ll require proper maintenance to make them last longer. Spring is the perfect time for a bit of upkeep, so make sure your windows are on top of that to-do list. Prestige Windows & Doors, trusted source of top-tier residential and commercial storefront doors and windows, shares how to go about this task.

  1. Take weather into account. Avoid choosing a sunny day for your spring window cleaning. The liquid cleaning solution you use will dry far too quickly when exposed to sunlight, leaving unsightly streaks and water spots on the window glass. Instead, do your cleanup when it’s cloudy out.
  2. Check your windows for damage. If your existing windows are already old and failing, you might want to cancel your spring window cleaning and go for repairs or replacement instead. Warning signs to watch out for include cracks, gaps, and holes in the framing material, rot and mold, broken glass, and fogging between the window panes. Prestige Windows & Doors can help you with this. As the leading windows and doors replacement company in the area, we offer only the highest quality options that allow for reliable, long-lasting performance, and ensure their smooth, worry-free installation. 
  3. Use only the appropriate tools and items for window cleaning. This means avoiding abrasive brushes and harsh cleaning solutions. Instead, gather a soft-bristled brush for dusting the window, a sponge or squeegee for scrubbing, plus a lint-free cloth for wiping and drying. As for the cleaning solution, a bucket of equal parts water and white vinegar will do.
  4. Protect your surfaces. When cleaning interior windows, make sure to place a bath towel beneath the window sill and on the floor to catch any spills. In fact, you can just put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle to better control the amount of liquid you use and eliminate the potential for mess. 

Spring-cleaning your windows helps improve your home’s overall appearance and makes the next cleaning easier and faster. And when in need of high-quality replacement impact windows or doors, look no further than Prestige Windows & Doors. We ensure complete client satisfaction with our advanced products, exceptional workmanship, and world-class customer service. We proudly serve Miami and other areas in South Florida. Call us today at (305) 820-5999 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.