3 Tips on Harnessing Natural Home Ventilation

Installing new windows and doors is one way of improving natural ventilation in your home. Keep in mind that not all windows can provide the same level of ventilation. To fully harness natural home ventilation, you’ll need to consider a few important factors when choosing a window replacement and having it installed. 

In this post, our window contractors at Prestige Windows & Doors discuss these factors and share some tips on making the most of natural home ventilation. 

1. Install Windows on the Side Facing the Direction of the Wind  

To help draw in breezes into your home, contractors recommend installing windows on the side facing the direction of the wind. For coastal homes, breezes usually come from an onshore direction. 


2. Maximize Cross-Ventilation 


It would also be a good idea to install windows on the northern and southern parts of your home to maximize cross-ventilation. Cross-ventilation is a natural cooling method that takes advantage of differences in outside and indoor air pressure to draw fresh air into a building. If installing windows on the northern and southern parts of your home interferes with your home’s exterior design, you can put up a fence or install trees to redirect the breeze into your home. 

Don’t forget about your doors—natural ventilation works best when there are uninterrupted pathways inside your home. 


3. Choose a Window That Can Provide Optimal Ventilation 


Casement windows, the most traditional window type, provide maximum ventilation when fully open. These hinged windows can open inward or outward like a door. Easy-to-open sliding windows would also be a good choice. To learn more about your window options, consult a window contractor. 

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