Window Shopping: How to Pick the Right Window

Finding the right window for your home can be tricky. That’s why Prestige Windows and Doors, your go-to company in the state for commercial storefront doors and windows, compiled a basic shopping guide for windows below.


You can’t be too fixated on just one aspect of a window. When you’re shopping for windows, you need to take into account a window’s entire performance, in addition to your design preferences, of course. We’ve listed below some of the crucial factors you need to consider.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy-efficient features are more of a necessity these days, what with rising temperatures and power costs. As a general rule, make sure your windows and doors have the ENERGY STAR® label—this will maximize your potential energy savings and returns on investment.

Glass Glazing 

Windows not only enhance your curb appeal but also the natural lighting inside your home. The problem is too much natural light can make it hot inside, forcing you to crank up the AC. You can prevent this from happening by installing windows with glazed glass panels, which can let in natural light while blocking solar heat.

Window Style 

Picking is a window style isn’t just a matter of preference—the design can also affect a window’s energy efficiency. For example, sliding windows tend to leak more air than casement windows.

Ease of Maintenance 

The materials used to make the window’s frame have different levels of insulation capabilities, but there’s another factor you should consider: its ease of maintenance. If certain windows aren’t routinely maintained, they can suffer damage and lose their energy-efficiency, not to mention visual appeal.

Ask an Expert 

You can also ask one of your local contractors about which windows are best suited to your area’s climate. Just make sure they have enough experience in the industry.

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