The Benefits of Installing an Entry Door With Sidelights

If you want to make a statement and boost your home’s overall curb appeal, a great way to do it is by installing beautiful doors. But you can even take it a step further by adding an entry door with sidelights. Why settle for plain doors when you can add some extra oomph without spending too much money. In today’s blog post, a commercial storefront doors and windows specialist shares the unique benefits of installing sidelights for your entry door.

Installing an Entry Door

What is a Sidelight

As the name suggests, sidelights are narrow vertical windows located on each side of your door. They are usually built into the same frame assembly as the door itself but can also be installed as individual units. While it is more common to find sidelights on entry doors, they can also be added onto interior doors as well.

The Benefits of Installing Sidelights

The most obvious benefit of installing sidelights is the increased aesthetics it can bring. But according to windows and doors experts, skylights don’t just add beauty to your home and increase your property’s value, they are also a great way of introducing more natural sunlight into your space to create a sense of openness.

Sidelights will also allow you to see who rings the bell without having to peer through an awkward peephole. If you are a pet owner, you might find that your furry friend will love spending time in front of a sidelight that extends to the floor.

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