The Case for Buying Energy-Efficient Windows

Now that energy efficient replacement windows are no longer tax-deductible, homeowners are wondering whether or not it’s still worth getting them. The short answer is yes; even without the tax deductions, energy-efficient window replacements can still offer homeowners great value for their money.

Read on as Prestige Window and Doors, your go-to company for impact windows and doors, explains why getting an energy-efficient window still makes sense financially.

Background on Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

To give a bit of background, the tax deductions on energy-efficient windows are part of the Federal Government’s incentives for energy-efficient upgrades to homes. Under these incentives, the installation of insulation systems, energy-efficient doors and windows, and pigmented metal roofs were eligible for tax breaks.

However, only window replacements purchased before January 1, 2017, qualified for these tax breaks. Windows purchased beyond that date won’t receive any tax deductions. The case for buying an energy-efficient window replacement remains strong, however.

Energy Savings

When buying window replacements, prioritize value for money over short-term costs. It is true that without these tax deductions, it will take a bit longer for you to see the ROI. However, the savings you can get remain the same and are still quite significant.

Replacing a single-pane window can still help you save up to $465 per year while getting a more energy-efficient double-pane window can give you savings of more than $100 per year. We also recommend buying energy-efficient impact windows with wooden and vinyl frames as you can recoup over 70% of their costs.

Maintenance Costs

In addition to the energy savings, you can also save on maintenance costs. Modern energy-efficient windows are more durable than older models, which means they break down less often.

Keep in mind you won’t be able to get any energy or maintenance savings from improperly installed windows. That’s why you should only hire qualified contractors.

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