Sizing Egress Windows

In an emergency situation, egress windows offer a means of escape and give firefighters and rescue workers access to the building. They are especially important for second-floor rooms, where normally the sole exit is through the stairs.

When replacing windows for such rooms, egress windows must comply with local zoning requirements that dictate their size and placement. Read on as Prestige Windows and Doors, the top windows and doors contractor in the area explains further.

Casement Windows

This window type takes up the least wall space, which makes it perfect for egress. Some casement windows feature special operators that allow them to be opened wider than normal while others have an operator arm you can push to open the window wider in case of an emergency. You will usually see a “push here” label for this type of window.

Double-Hung Windows

Over half of a double-hung window’s area is covered by glass, even when it is completely open. Your supplier of commercial storefront doors and windows, Prestige Windows and Doors, states that a double-hung window should be at least 4’9” high to meet egress window height requirements.

Sliding Windows

Horizontally sliding windows should measure at least 4’x4’ to comply with egress standards. Like the two windows mentioned above, your roof leak repair contractor notes that these windows can also provide natural lighting.

Awning Windows

Awning windows aren’t ideal for egress windows because they usually don’t meet egress requirements. Furthermore, the opened sash interrupts escape and entrance. Awning windows need special hardware to meet egress requirements, and these windows are rare.

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