Safety First: How to Deal With a Broken Window

A broken window shouldn’t be ignored. Broken pieces of glass can be a safety hazard, which is why the window has to be replaced as soon as possible.

But how can you minimize safety risks while waiting for a replacement window? Prestige Windows and Doors, your go-to company for storefront windows and doors, elaborates further below.

Block Off the Area Where the Shards Are

First off, you need to block off the area with glass shards. Your pets and kids might accidentally step on them. As for the other members of your family, ask them to wear slippers or shoes at all times. When the window glass is shattered, shards are scattered across the floor. You can never know where these shards will end up.

If you’re not sure what caused the damage, you’ll need to do some investigating. What broke your window is a crucial piece of info for insurance claims.

Dispose of the Glass Shards

Next, use heavy-duty gloves to pick up the shards. Pieces of glass on the edge of the frame are still a safety hazard, so you need to dispose of them as well.

Cover Up the Windows

To cover up the gaps in the window, you can either staple a sheet of thick plastic or cover the gap with duct tape. If, however, there are only cracks in your windows, cover them with duct tape.

Reinforce Your New Windows

Broken windows are usually caused by accidents. There’s no way to avoid them, but there is a way to minimize safety risks—impact windows.

Just to be clear, even the most durable window glass will still break when it’s hit with a projectile. Projectiles are a fairly common cause of window damage, but so are storms. When these windows are hit by gale-force winds, instead of breaking into shards, the glass cracks in a spider-web pattern. As such, impact windows are a worthwhile investment, especially if you have kids living in your home.

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