Important Considerations When Dealing With Specialty Windows

Today, you can find a replacement for almost any type of windows or door. Whether you’re looking for something to upgrade the curb appeal of your home or even highly-specialized commercial storefront doors and windows, there’s never been a time when finding both a good product and a reliable contractor for installation has been easier.


Regardless of what style you’re looking for, however, specialty windows can still become quite challenging on both the repair and replacement front. Any type of window or door that doesn’t follow the usual shape and dimensions of traditional ones fall under this category. Let our window specialists at Prestige Windows & Doors share with you a few important pointers about replacing these custom windows.

Repair vs. Replace

Some people advocate repairing old windows for environmental reasons. However, upgrading your windows and doors with new models with higher efficiency ratings is more environmentally conscious in the long run. After some time, the energy you save from these windows offsets the cost of disposing the old ones. However, it’s still best to make the most out of your existing windows by using them until the end of their life span.

Insulating the Glass

Glazing layers on the glass are the number one energy-savers of new replacement windows and doors. However, glazing products rarely come in the unusual shapes that most specialty windows have. Talk to your window professional about customizing the cut of the glass insulation to fit whatever custom shape and size your window might have.

Caulking Considerations

Finding pre-set caulking and weatherstripping options for specialty windows carry a similar challenge to finding suitable glass insulation. You may need to discuss this with the contractor that will install your custom doors and windows to make sure they are well-prepared for your home’s unique needs.

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