Impact Windows vs Hurricane Shutters: The Pros and Cons

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. For window protection, there are generally two options: impact windows and hurricane shutters. Which one should you get?

We discuss the pros and cons of each option below:

Hurricane Shutters 

Hurricane shutters come in a wide variety of designs and colors, so you won’t have trouble finding shutters that match your exterior decor. They’re installed over windows and protect them against wind-driven storm debris and ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading in hardwood floors and leather furniture.

Homeowners on a tight budget prefer affordable hurricane shutters over impact windows, but that affordability comes at a cost: shutters provide less functionality and protection. For instance, shutters don’t allow light into your home when in use, so you need to remove them every time a hurricane passes through your area if you want to maximize natural lighting. Hurricane shutters can provide a degree of protection for your windows but can’t fully protect them from storms—only impact windows can do that.

Impact Windows

Impact windows and doors are more expensive but they’re worth the investment for homeowners looking to maximize storm protection. Impact window glass can withstand hurricane winds of up to 200 mph. They’re so durable that they can double as a security feature against break-ins by unwanted guests. And in addition to debris and unwanted guests, impact windows also provide protection against UV damage. But unlike shutters, they can filter out UV rays without cutting off indoor natural lighting.

Can’t decide between the two? Consult a professional window contractor.

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Hurricane Shutters

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