Are Impact Window Required in Florida?

While regions like Florida frequently experience major weather events, it’s expected that homeowners have windows that can protect them from serious weather conditions. However, are they considered a necessity? We’ll discuss more about impact windows in this post.

Impact Windows

What Are Impact Windows and Why Do You Need Them?

Impact windows are exactly that—window units that can resist impact damage. Their glass generally remains attached to the window frame and the inner membrane when hit by flying debris during hurricanes.

The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires that impact-resistant windows are installed in homes or commercial buildings along the coast. This requirement is especially important in Miami-Dade County, which has the most stringent requirements in the country when it comes to rain, wind and wind-borne debris tests.

Despite it not being a prerequisite statewide, utilizing impact windows and doors is highly urged due to various reasons and benefits, such as:

Cost and energy efficiency. Given the humidity in the area, it’s best to have windows with durable, weathertight seals that can keep cooling energy trapped inside your home. Impact windows are equipped in keeping your home cool and comfortable minus the high energy costs.

Increased curb appeal. Most impact windows come in a variety of styles and they are customizable, making it easy for you to match your new units with your home’s architecture and color scheme.

Reduced noise transfer. Aside from keeping your home safe from flying debris, our impact windows can lower the amount of outdoor noise that can enter your home. This way, you can go about your daily tasks in relative peace and quiet.

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