A Retrospective on American Windows

When it comes to installing windows and doors, most property owners typically don’t take the time to go over the history of the products they’ll be using. Often, they’ll just pick a window, have a professional install it and move on. If you’ve ever wondered about the history of windows though, Prestige Windows & Doors have you covered here. 


19th Century


During the 1800’s, the earliest windows used in America were wood casement windows that were hinged on the sides. Around the same time, single- and double-hung wooden windows came into prominence as well. However, due to the prevalence of fires in a number of U.S. cities at this time, stricter fire codes were adopted, which in turn led to the decline of wood windows’ popularity. Thankfully, with the height of the Industrial Revolution also occurring at the same time, steel was ready for use.


20th Century


While wood windows were steadily declining during the 19th century, steel steadily rose to prominence in use for both residential buildings and commercial storefront doors and windows. This is because not only could they easily be produced at this time but also because they’re incredibly fire-resistant, making them the perfect material to use. However, as World War II came, the use of steel in window manufacturing gradually declined and aluminum took its place due to its affordability and non-corrosive properties. Wood windows, on the other hand, finally fell out of fashion towards the end of the century.


21st Century


Finally, in the 21st century, vinyl windows steadily rose into popularity for their affordability, even greater durability and low-maintenance requirements, easily beating out steel, wood and aluminum windows on the market. And with window manufacturers steadily making them more and more energy efficient, many homeowners are also replacing their older windows with vinyl in an effort to save on energy costs.


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