Features To Look For In a Storefront Window

Having a business in an area with a substantial amount of foot traffic means your storefront windows and doors must be set up strategically to convey the right message. These large glass panels play an important role in drawing in potential customers, giving buyers the opportunity to “window shop” and passers-by the chance to see what the atmosphere is like before they enter your store. Because of this, you need to pay extra attention to your glass choices. Prestige Windows & Doors outlines a few factors to consider to make an informed decision:

Features To Look For In a Storefront Window


While storefront windows can be very effective at inviting customers, they can also invite a number of different risks. For instance, windows are a potential entry point for intruders and can also be vulnerable to the elements, especially if your store is in an area that is prone to severe weather, such as hail storms or hurricanes. The good news is that you can get windows with security glass that protect you from these risks.

Energy Efficiency

By design, storefront windows are large and expansive, which usually means they also bring in large amounts of sunlight to brighten the interior. While this brings about many aesthetic benefits, it does present some adverse consequences with regards to energy efficiency. Excessive sunlight can heat up the interior of your business, forcing your cooling system to work harder. One solution is to use energy-efficient glass for impact windows and doors, which block the sun’s UV rays, giving you all the pleasing benefits of sunlight without the heat.

Unique Appearance

Your storefront windows can help you achieve a unique look for your building. At Prestige Windows & Doors, we can work with you to install windows with unique design elements to help your business stand out.

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